Because we use a single source to literally store the entire state (our Redux store), it becomes extremely easy to transfer state between components. This is one of the most convenient aspects of using Redux. You do not have to worry where the date is coming from because you have a truly reliable source, your Redux store.

The states are always predictable in Redux. Since the same states and actions are passed on to the reducers, you will always achieve the same results, as reducer functions are pure. This state is also constant, as it is never changing and won’t be modified.

Redux is much easier to edit and maintain between coders, as there is a strict order and organization to its structure. For example; there will also be the store carrying the state, the actions, reducers, and the components and the shared connection.

Debugging applications is somewhat easier with Redux as well. The system is standard using logging behaviors and status network errors, coding errors, and other bug types that will allow any developer with a firm understanding of Redux to easily debug applications.

Because Redux is based on functional programming, once you find your groove and style, you can write reusable code. This will help you in the future to create simpler apps that are easy to identify, test, edit, and maintain with Redux.




Flatiron School Graduate - Web Developer, Playwright

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Flatiron School Graduate - Web Developer, Playwright

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